What do I do on this blog?

I do weekly album reviews, which I update on Sunday. Although I try and get one up each week, I do balance this with studying for my MA, doing several other writing projects, and playing drums in several bands, so there are sometimes gaps.

What determines which album I’m going to review?

Ideally I like to review an album that’s come out in the past week or fortnight, but if there’s nothing that’s come out that week I feel I have a blog-post’s worth of things to talk about I may push the limits by reviewing an older album.

What sorts of music do I review? 

I like to think I don’t have ties to a specific genre or subculture, but it’s definitely easier to write about music when I’m more familiar with the genre. As a result, there’s probably going to be a little more alternative rock, hip hop and neo-soul on here than there will be electronic music or glam rock. Ultimately I review music that I feel I can say something interesting about.

Why “Hairy Music Reviews”?

Because I have a lot of chest hair.

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